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Jong-moon Park     

  Department of chemical engineering
  School of environmental science and engineering

 "Welcome to GREAT(Green Research for Environmentally Agreeable Technology). As you may see from the name of our laboratory, we are carrying out green researches with an aim to use our results for the clean environment. Therefore, biotechnology is the key subject as well as tool in our researches. There are two main research groups in our laboratory, environmental biotechnology and plant cell culture technology. We are trying to cover from the basic to highly applied researches; from molecular level to commercial processes. The molecular biology is a tool for the basic researches and process control & optimization is a practical tool for the applied researches. Since both basic and applied researches are carried out in the same place, interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for the successful results. So far, we believe this approach has been successful. Various molecular genetic researches are carried out in collaboration with laboratories of Life Science Department of POSTECH.  

In our environmental researchwastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, remediation of contaminated soil and ground water, and biofiltration of VOCs and toxic gases are some of major subjects. We approach these subjects from the view points of biotechnology. In the plant cell research, production of plant secondary metabolites is the main subject. We are trying to produce high value complicated chemicals(mainly phytochemicals such as taxol, ginkgolide and sangunarine) in an environmentally friendly way.  

If you have any questions, suggestions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me or the webmaster of our home page but no thanks for commercial advertisements. We are eager to discuss with scientists and engineers from all over the world regarding any subjects as long as related to science and technology and eventually for the green earth environment."


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