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    Marine biorefinery
Marine Biorefinery 
IEA Bioenergy Group defined a Biorefinery as the sustainable processing of biomass into a spectrum of marketable products and energy. A biorefinery is a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce fuels, power, and value-added chemicals from biomass. The biorefinery concept is analogous to today's petroleum refinery, which produce multiple fuels and products from petroleum. Industrial biorefineries have been identified as the most promising route to the creation of a new domestic biobased industry. MARINE BIOREFINERY, especially, is a kind of the biorefinery based on marine biomass such as macroalgae (a.k.a. seaweed) and microalgae.
Seaweed as Biomass
Seaweed, specially, is the most potential biomass what could obtain stable feedstock availability and other environmental benefits such as the adsorption of atmospheric CO2, greenhouse gas, and the uptake of excessive nutrients.
  • There are two approaches to biofuels- Biochemical and Thermochemical approaches.
  • Biochemical approach, also known as a sugar platform, is the microbial fermentation technology of sugar extracted from biomass feedstock.
  • Thermochemical approach, also known as a syngas platform, is based on thermochemical conversion processes and focuses on the pyrolysis of biomass feedstocks and by-products from conversion processes.
  • Biofuels from two approaches above mentioned are the type of liquid fuels which could apply to  the common transport engines.
Our research goal is the improvement in the efficiency of biofuel productivity through each way or the combination of two approaches.

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